Susan Hill Smith for Isle of Palms City Council

For community, families and the island

Thank you for taking time to learn about my candidacy for the upcoming Isle of Palms election Nov. 7. As you consider my qualifications for City Council, please remember these important points:

I know and love our community.
I have lived on Isle of Palms the past 23 years, and in recent years, I have written about Isle of Palms and the City Council for local media. I believe community grows stronger when neighbors connect in positive ways.

I will provide a strong voice for island families
Families help make this island a vibrant residential community, and they should be directly represented in our government. My husband and I are engaged parents of three island children ages 12, 16 and 18. None of the current council members - or any other candidates - have kids under the age of 18.

I will work to protect the island and the environment.
Living on a barrier island gives us great beauty and great responsibility. I want to build on the city's environmental leadership to safeguard our waterways, beaches and ocean.

I have an excellent skill set for this role, thanks to my journalism background. 
I will listen, question, dig, soak in information and consider all sides in making proactive, fiscally sound decisions. I will also champion transparency, open government and effective communication with the community.

Sincerely, Susan Hill Smith, 20 23rd Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC
Summer of 2017. From left: Mic, Jacquelyn, Tyson, Samantha and Susan Hill Smith.

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